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Will Home Prices in California Drop in 2023?

Will home prices in California go up with increasing mortgage rates? A lot of homeowners are beginning to wonder if they should sell. There’s nervousness in the economy and even concerns about a possible housing recession. None of that is helped by mortgage rates as high as 7%.

If you’re considering listing your home, there are factors to consider in the coming months. Here’s some of the latest market information and price outlook for 2023.

What’s on the Horizon for Home Prices in California

Like most real estate markets across the country, sales and home prices in California took a dip in 2022. Projections say that will continue across the state with another 9% drop next year. Experts also forecast that buyers demand and home sales will drop.

Some estimates expect:

  • A 7.2% decrease in home sales
  • Interest rates will remain high
  • Possible economic recession could cause bigger price drops

According to Redfin, median home prices climbed through April, but then tumbled back down during summer and fall. 2022 saw 37.4% fewer homes sales compared to 2021.

The number of homes sold at a reduced price increased to 35.9%. Both supply and demand have been down this year and experts say that’s not going to change in 2023. 

In specific California markets like Orange County, the outlook for next year projects a negative trend. Demand will go down and there will be an overall bearish market. This could be motivation for homeowners in Orange County to sell sooner rather than later.

Get Your Home Sold, No Matter What the Market Does

Home sellers who feel concerned about the outlook for home prices in California may decide to sell now. If you think you need to put a property on the market, it may be better to list now rather than wait.

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