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Tip: How to Find Off-Market Homes For Sale in Azusa

Get the Best Listings Before Other Homebuyers

When you’re searching for a home to buy, the more options you have, the better the chances of getting a great deal. But did you know that half of all available homes for sale aren’t listed on the MLS? Checking popular listing sites won’t give you access to all the homes that could be right for you. So how do you find off-market homes for sale in Azusa?

First, it’s important to understand why these listings are kept off the market. One reason is to maintain the privacy of the home seller. Additionally, some home sellers decide not to list their homes on the market so that they can save on the realtor’s commission. Of course, these home sellers don’t realize that homes sold without a realtor sell for less! Finally, homeowners may keep their home unlisted to increase the sense of exclusivity. Whatever the reason, these homes can be a great way to beat out the competition to get a great deal.

There are 5 main ways to find off-market listings:

  1. Online search
  2. Ask homeowners directly
  3. Search public records
  4. Attend live auctions
  5. Use a realtor

Follow along as we explore the pros and cons of each option.

1. Online Search

One of the fastest ways to find off-market listings is to search online in places like classified ads, Facebook Marketplace or Craigslist. There are also websites dedicated to off-market listings. However, most people will center their search on the internet, so competition for these listings can be fierce.

2. Ask Homeowners Directly

A more traditional way of finding homes for sale is by going door to door and inquiring. You can target homes that have “For Sale” signs outside or show obvious neglect or need for repairs. You would first need to ask yourself if you are comfortable approaching strangers at their homes. Bear in mind that not all homeowners will be open to a stranger and may react negatively to being disturbed.  

If you aren’t comfortable going door to door, you can try a direct mail campaign asking whether the home is for sale. Be sure to leave your name and contact information so the homeowner can reach you. 

3. Search Public Records

By searching public records, you can find homes that are in danger of foreclosure before they are marketed. Sometimes the homeowner will accept an offer on their home to prevent going through the foreclosure process. This is a great way to cut out the competition. 

But, searching public records for off-market homes for sale in Azusa is time-consuming and, with no way of knowing when new information is listed, something that would have to be done repetitively. Also, it’s important to note that these properties aren’t for sale so you may be wasting your time following up on any particular listing.

4. Attend Live Auctions

Property auctions have homes that have gone through probate or been repossessed by lenders. These homes are a great way to find property that hasn’t already been offered to others. 

There are drawbacks to this method. Usually auctions are all-cash and you are buying the property “as is”. The property may also have outstanding liens or issues with title that can be a dealbreaker. Most people are not willing to take such a gamble when it comes to their home.

5. Use a Realtor

The best way to find off-market listings for sale in Azusa is to work with an expert realtor. A realtor can provide you with accurate information about legitimate properties whose home sellers are motivated to sell. This is without jumping through hoops and wasting your valuable time finding them. When you have a realtor you trust, you can be confident in their expertise and find your dream home faster and easier. 

Off-Market Homes for Sale in Azusa with Rudy Kusuma

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