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Listing Referrals

$300 CASH PLUS COMMISSION for Your Listing Referral!

A common problem many agents are experiencing today is listings, sitting on the market, not selling, sellers taking their frustrations out on them. Even worse, agents investing time, money, family sacrifices into months of trying to get a listing sold only to have the seller decide to go with another agent or sell FSBO.

Well it does not have to be that way. In case you were unaware, we have a very special, unique program we have been running now for close to 7 years; one that has admittedly made it tough for other agents in the market place to compete when going head to head with me and my team. You may know it as “move up to any one of my listings and I will buy your home for cash!” I call it my guaranteed sale program. But due to the tough market for many agents, I wanted to do every thing I could to help the agents in our market make money from the hard work they are putting in.

So I have developed an exclusive program that will put money into a Listing Agents hand literally over night. I call it the Win Win Win Home Selling System. Bottom line is that you can get paid on any listing, you do no work, invest no money and still get paid.

Here’s how it works…

Any listing you have or will have that you are not that motivated to work on, call me – I will pay you $300 CASH on the spot for the referral AND pay you a larger than life referral fee at the close of sell.

I want to be right upfront and say I am not hear to steal or take any of your hard fought for listings. But, for those that you are not selling or can’t put the time into – I would be OK with discussing those with you and again – insure you get immediate CASH for the referral as well as the big bonus referral at closing when we close on it or sell it.

Think about what this could mean for you. You get paid whether the home sales or not. And if your seller is a buyer, we will guarantee you get 100% of the Buyers commission if they decide to move up and buy one of our listings.

Here’s why I call it a Win Win Win..

YOU WIN by getting some much needed cash and a handsome referral fee. THE SELLER WINS because we are able to guarantee their home sale. I WIN because I get a great listing referral from you and a sale.

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