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Find a Great Fixer Upper Home in Southern California with Our Hotlist

For many home buyers in Rosemeade, CA, the idea of a project house does not seem very appealing because they are looking for a turnkey home that is ready for a family to move into and get back to their regular lives. Others, on the other hand, love a challenge, and a fixer upper home is exactly what they are in search of in Southern California.

If you are one of those people who is ready to dedicate time, energy, and money into a fixer upper home, our real estate agents at Your Home Sold Guaranteed Realty – Rudy Lira Kusuma Real Estate Team are here to help you find the perfect project. We also want to make sure that you are prepared for everything that goes into buying a home to renovate.

To ensure that you are fully informed and prepared for the demands of a home renovation project, our team is offering you FREE and instant access to a special report developed by real estate industry experts called Fixer Uppers: Myths & Facts – What You Should Know Before You Buy.

Know What You’re Getting into with a Fixer Upper Home in Rosemeade, CA

Just about everyone has seen one of the many home renovation shows on television these days, and some individuals believe that the renovation process is quite easy because of the magic of TV. Before a home buyer invests in a fixer upper home project, they need to be aware of the reality of that project.

The fixer-upper home process can be challenging, difficult, time-consuming, and expensive. Home buyers need to be prepared for the many issues and problems that unexpectedly arise during the renovations. Reality is much different than reality TV!

That is why our realtors at Your Home Sold Realty – Rudy Lira Kusuma Real Estate Team in Southern California recommend doing plenty of research about the home renovation process and understanding exactly what you are getting into.

Fixer Upper Properties Are Great Opportunities

In the real estate industry, fixer uppers homes are great opportunities for those home buyers who know what they are doing and have the ability to complete the project. A home that needs fixing can be purchased at a very low price, renovated, and sold for a serious profit. Home buyers simply need to know all of the facts ahead of time and make sure to not underestimate the financial situation. All of this should be done BEFORE buying a fixer upper home in Southern California.

While there are many benefits to buying a fixer upper home, it can also quickly turn into a money pit and a nightmare if the right steps are not completed. It is always best to get multiple estimates, invest in an inspection, and do as much work as you can on your own to save money.

Is a Home Renovation Project Right for Me?

Deciding whether or not a fixer-upper home is right for you is a matter of thorough research and discussions with real estate experts. To assist you in answering that question, Your Home Sold Realty – Rudy Lira Kusuma Real Estate Team is offering you FREE access to the report listed above which dispels 5 commonly held myths about fixer upper homes

For further help, it also gives you a financial formula to ensure that you come out of the project in the green! With this information, you can work to decide if investing in a fixer upper home is the right choice for you or if you should stick to the search for a turnkey home.

Repair Costs Should Be Part of the Negotiations

Because you are investing in a fixer upper home, you should be expecting to see costs for repairs. These repair costs should be a factor in the negotiating phase. Many home sellers will begin with a higher asking price which will allow some wiggle room for negotiating after the home inspection is complete. 

Home sellers who simply want to get rid of the home may actually have a lower asking price and give you room to negotiate for repair costs. You could end up with a great deal out of it, depending on the condition of the home.

It is important to remember that significant repairs for such things as structural damage could add as much as 30% to the selling price of a fixer upper home. For that reason, you should definitely get a home inspection done and use it as leverage during negotiations.

Use Our Hotlist to Find Off Market Fixer Upper Homes in Rosemeade, CA

If you are interested in investing in a fixer upper home in Southern California, contact the real estate experts at Your Home Sold Realty – Rudy Lira Kusuma Real Estate Team to get access to our hotlist of off-market fixer upper properties

Our team is here to help you determine if buying a home that needs renovations is right for you, get you all the information you need about investing in this type of property, and assist you in finding the right fixer upper home for you.

With our hotlist of fixer uppers homes in your preferred area, you can find the right house for you before anyone else has a chance to see it. These are not available online, and they are exclusively for real estate agents. But our team is offering you the opportunity to view these homes and get the latest homes for sale. 

By working with Your Home Sold Realty – Rudy Lira Kusuma Real Estate Team, you will have a guide for the entire home buying process, and we guarantee that you will be satisfied with your purchase. That is our top priority! For more information, give us a call at 626-789-0159 or fill out the form below with the requested information.

We can’t wait to help you find the fixer upper property you have been looking for in Rosemeade, CA!

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