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Ask Our Team How Long It Takes to Sell a Home in Irvine

Have you ever heard a home selling horror story from a friend, family member, or acquaintance? We’re sure that you have. Everyone knows at least one person who has been through a nightmare when it comes to selling their home. You can easily avoid being in that situation. You just need to sell a home in Irvine by working with the right realtor. They’ll have all the insider information you need.

There are generally two important factors that every home seller will be concerned about. Firstly, the final selling price. Secondly, how long it will take to sell a home in Irvine. When it comes to determining a reasonable asking price and then being able to negotiate the highest possible price with your home buyer, it is essential that you have a clear understanding of the current real estate market. That will ensure that you are able to get top dollar for your home.

The second factor is the length of time your home might be listed on the real estate market. If you want to sell a home in Irvine quickly, you need to have the right information. This and a great realtor will make your home attractive to potential home buyers. Your Home Sold Guaranteed Realty – The Rudy Lira Kusuma Real Estate Team is your top choice. We are here to make sure that your home sells quickly and for the highest possible price.

Sell a Home in Irvine Really Fast with Our Skilled Realtors

Did you know that, on average, about 40% of homes sell in the first month of being listed? It’s true! However, the other houses that do not sell in that time frame will unfortunately remain on the real estate market for many months. It is not until significant price adjustments are made that a home will eventually sell. 

Many factors other than the price contribute to a home’s ability to sell quickly. These include the condition of the home, its location, and the current state of the real estate market all play a role in the price for which you can sell a home in Irvine.

Use Our FREE Home Evaluation

Get in contact with Rudy Lira Kusuma’s real estate team if you are selling a home in Irvine! Our realtors at Your Home Sold Guaranteed Realty – The Rudy Lira Kusuma Real Estate Team understand the importance of your home in Irvine and being able to sell it quickly. To help you in the home selling process, we are offering you access to a FREE home evaluation and selling time analysis through our website.

Just give us your address with a brief description of the home, and we can get started with the evaluation. Our system will then conduct a thorough comparative market analysis by searching the database for similar homes listed or sold in your area. Using the most current market data, we can then work with you to determine how much your home might sell for as well as the length of time it will take to sell should you decide to list it. 

And don’t worry! There is no cost or obligation to sell a home in Irvine with us when you take advantage of our home evaluation. We are happy to help you understand the home selling process and give you the resources you need to make well-informed decisions for yourself and your family. Just give us a call at 626-789-0159 or fill out the form below with the requested information to get your FREE home evaluation and selling time analysis. We look forward to hearing from you and helping you sell a home in Irvine!

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